Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week of Feb 25th 2013

Thank you to all of you who helped with Chinese New Year! 

It was a great cultural experience and a great opportunity to volunteer to help our community.  Here is a photo of some of the volunteers wearing their new shirts enjoying free Chinese food before the event really got going. 

This week in SCLA 10

I am out of school this week.  If you need me please email me at:

Monday- Feb. 25 & Wednesday Feb 27

Sub- Mrs. B will be your sub.  Please be respectful and helpful. 

 We have guest speaker JP Butler  President of Quantum Leadership starting our unit on RESPECT.   JP is a member of the first graduating class of Silver Creek HS, and he is an amazing presenter- you will love him!   He will be here both Monday and Wednesday. 

Chapter 4 in your textbooks needs to be read and the written portions completed on Wednesday, Feb. 27th as well.  Mrs. B will collect your books so have the questions answered thoughtfully, and to the best of your ability.  Please make sure your name is in your book.  

Parent / Teacher Conference 
Wed. Feb 27 and Thursday Feb. 28 

Ms Adams is out of the office this week.  If you would like to schedule a conference with her, please email her for times next week. 

SCLA is providing dinner for the teachers and staff that day.  To sign up for CrockPot soups or salad go to: SCLA Parent / Teacher Conference dinner sign up 


If you still need to present- you need to be ready by Monday, March 4th.  EVERYONE who has not presented yet will present this day.   Please have the written portion of the assignment done that day as well, they will be collected Monday, March 4th.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ras Kassas!

We are headed to Ras Kassas today!  This field trip and your dress/ behavior,  attitude and writing assignment are all part of a 100 point learning activity. 

50 points for attending, dressing appropriately, and behaving as young leaders in the car rides and restaurant.
50 points for thank you note and paragraph.

Meet at D200 at 10:30am
Business casual dress
You must have your permission slips and money.

Homework assignment: DUE TUESDAY, FEB.12th

  1. Short thank you note for your drivers. This can be on an actual thank you note, or just a piece of paper.  Please make it neat.
  2. Write a paragraph  about your experience at the restaurant.  Discuss the following:
    1. What were your thoughts prior to going? 
    2. What was your first impression when you walked in? 
    3. What did you like / dislike about the food? 
    4. What does this food teach you about the Ethiopian culture?
    5. What were some cultural commonalities you found?
    6. Best part / worst part of the field trip. 

SHOES! We need your old shoes! Lets win the pizza party!  Bring shoes in starting next week.  
Help Anthony and Valarie with their senior capstone project!