Friday, February 8, 2013

Ras Kassas!

We are headed to Ras Kassas today!  This field trip and your dress/ behavior,  attitude and writing assignment are all part of a 100 point learning activity. 

50 points for attending, dressing appropriately, and behaving as young leaders in the car rides and restaurant.
50 points for thank you note and paragraph.

Meet at D200 at 10:30am
Business casual dress
You must have your permission slips and money.

Homework assignment: DUE TUESDAY, FEB.12th

  1. Short thank you note for your drivers. This can be on an actual thank you note, or just a piece of paper.  Please make it neat.
  2. Write a paragraph  about your experience at the restaurant.  Discuss the following:
    1. What were your thoughts prior to going? 
    2. What was your first impression when you walked in? 
    3. What did you like / dislike about the food? 
    4. What does this food teach you about the Ethiopian culture?
    5. What were some cultural commonalities you found?
    6. Best part / worst part of the field trip. 

SHOES! We need your old shoes! Lets win the pizza party!  Bring shoes in starting next week.  
Help Anthony and Valarie with their senior capstone project! 

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