Thursday, January 17, 2013

Class update


MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY event to be held at SCHS on Monday, Jan 21 from 1-4pm.  Join us in this celebration of unity. 
Volunteers needed to help with this event!  Great opportunity to volunteer and help the community! 

AMERICAN CULTURE projects- due soon! Are you ready?  Help your team be successful and carry your load.  If you need any items from Ms. Adams let me know on Friday. 

Jan 23- Sports and Folklore
Jan 25- Manners, Food
Jan 29- Inventions and Music 

FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIPS- to our trip to Ras Kassas in Boulder need to be in on
TUESDAY JAN 29.  The field trip will be on FRIDAY FEB 8th and we need parent drivers!

Contracts need to be signed an in.

If you need a book- please bring $10 made out to SCHS.  I will order new books this week. 

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