Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to SCLA 10!!

Welcome to the SCLA 10 Blog!

This is a great place for you to make sure you are up to date on what is happening in SCLA 10.  Save this and check it often.  You can share this blog with your parents, so they can see what we are up to  as well.   

I look forward to a great year!!!

This year's syllabus is below.  Please read and share with your parents.  

SCLA 10 Syllabus

When you and your parents have read the syllabus, please complete the following form: 

Syllabus student/parent signature form 

SCLA 10 Homework DUE Tuesday 1/8
  • Syllabus read and electronically signed by you and your parents.  Print if you would like to keep for you records.  
  • Find your SCLA text book from last year.  If you can't find it you can purchase another one for $10.  Check to SCHS. 
  • Write Ms. Adams an introductory business style email at  You may want to include the following:  How long you have been in SCLA, what your favorite part of last year was, what your least favorite part of last year was, what you are involved in when you are not in class, what your hopes, dreams and goals are for the future, or anything that you think might help me get to know you better.  Remember, we are practicing to write professional emails! 
  • Supply list- You will need a thee ring notebook for this class with several page protectors.  Check the syllabus for specifics. 

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