Friday, April 12, 2013

Crazy week coming!

SCLA 10 is busy with RESPECT projects! 

Here is a quick overview of the upcoming projects.  Please make sure you are doing your part to help your team succeed.  This is great practice for your Senior Capstone Projects!


Field trip for the entire class to Cinnamon Park Senior Center.  Thanks to Jayme, Katelyn and Tanner for this great project!
  • Parent Drivers are needed - and driver forms for the school district filled out. ( on the reverse side of the permission slip.)
  • Permission slips for all students! 
  • Bring a sack lunch to eat on the way over. 
  • Board games to play with the residents.  
  • Dress nicely, but comfortable.  Some of us will be working outside in the flower beds! 
  • Meet in D200 at the beginning of A lunch.  
After School project at Eaglecrest Elementary
  • Jordan, Zack and Catherine are doing some respect activities with the  after school group at Eaglecrest.  They will give the students some challenges and come back on Thursday April 18th to follow up and give prizes to those who found ways to be respectful!

THURSDAY- APRIL 18- The following projects are in the works:
  • Thank you lunch for the Custodians, Cafeteria workers, Office Staff, Counselors and Administration.   
    • Thanks to Kenzie, Tiahni and Grant for this excellent idea to say THANK YOU to those who work so hard in our building!   Thanks to the Etiquette coach, Annette, for helping out on this one!
  • Blue Mountain Respect group-  Sharing some information about respect with the Blue Mountain 3rd graders Tyler, Kayla and Sophie will help the future Raptors be a little more respectful at their school. 
Other projects!

Clean up Silver Creek!  - Helen and Lantis are working with Mr. Finnestead and the environmental science class to beautify the area around the SCHS flag pole.   In early May we will be breaking out our work gloves as a class to clean up that area and make it great looking for graduation!

Longmont Estates Buster Skills presentation- Kady, Ned and Tiahni are working with the 5th graders at Longmont Estates to teach Bullying Buster skills! 

Give Them Arrest! Matthew, Alexa and Angela are collecting money and putting goodie bags together for the night shift of the Longmont Police Department and the Boulder County Sheriff Department.  If you would like to donate bring extra change to school!

Support our Troops!- Kylee, Anton and Mitch  are collecting items to ship to our service men and women! Look for the posters around the school to find out the needed items and help say thank you to those who are protecting our freedoms. 

Thank you Public Works! -Trevor, Teagan and Colin are saying thank you to the Longmont Public works department that includes sanitation workers and road crew members.  They will be delivering breakfast to them on Thursday, April 25.  They will also be reaching out to the public via speaking to the City Council and writing a letter to the Editor to encourage all of us to say THANK YOU to those who make our live better here in Longmont.  

Thank you Teachers!-   Preston, Kristin and Ryan are creating goodie bags and thank you cards to our amazing teaching staff here at SCHS.  If you would like to donate baked goods watch here for the date to donate!

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